I don't know what my problem was yesterday; I felt fine all day, had to work the Woman in a major way to get Stinky Goodness a little before the regularly scheduled Stinky Goodness time, but by the time I got upstairs after dinner, I didn't feel so hot. So I threw up. All over the floor in the Woman's office.

It was a good one, too, all chunky from dinner...and she didn't discover it for like TWO HOURS, so it sat there and got all gnarly. She got paper towels to scoop up the chunks (and choked and hacked her way through it, since barf makes her want to hurl) and then the Man got out the carpet cleaning monster and tried to get the stain out.

Ha. That stain's gonna be there a while.

I curled up on the bed in the room where the Man plays his computer games, and the Woman came in to see if she could figure out just who had done the barfing, me or Buddah, and when she touched me she said I felt really hot, so she was pretty sure it was me. She petted me for a bit and then said she would leave me alone so I could rest, and made Buddah go with her.

She doesn't realize he came back 5 minutes later, but he wasn't a butthead. He just wanted to be in the same room.

I felt fine when I woke up this morning. The Man came home from passing gas and opened my favorite Stinky Goodness, and it stayed down. But those people are going to fuss over me until they're sure I'm okay. I swear, that Woman seems to think I'm just going to keel over one afternoon. I don't think it's occured to her that maybe SHE gave me cooties and made me throw up. She's always kissing the top of my head. That would make anyone hurl.

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