Ok, so the People redeemed themselves. They went out to eat, but they brought home some turkey for Buddah and me. And it wasn't a tiny bit, it was almost as much as a serving of Stinky Goodness. Better yet, Buddah only took a couple of bites and then let me have the rest of his--and the People didn't stop me. The Woman said, "If Buddah doesn't want it, it's yours." And Buddah walked away and went to the back door to look outside, and then he went to look under the dishwasher, so I got to eat his turkey, too.

We also get to have our Stinky Goodness later! Maybe I'll let him have a couple bites of mine, just to be nice.

The People have pie for themsevles for later. I don't think I like pie but I bet Buddah does. I need to be sure to tell him if he jumps on one of them and sticks his face in the plate real quick, he can get a bite before they know what's happening. If nothing else, it'll make for a good laugh.

Good turkey...

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