Man...I was t h i s close to getting fed twice this morning. The Woman actually dragged her sorry butt out of bed before the Man got home from passing gas and opened up the Stinky Goodness for Buddah and me. Then she went upstairs to get dressed and the Man came home--he actually had a can open and was ready to plop some of that meaty wonder onto a plate when the Younger Human opened his mouth and said that we'd already eaten.

So close!!!

Then later while the Younger Human and the Woman were having dinner (they didn't feed the Man, but I don't know why...he had to fix his own food later) I noticed there were wiggly things in the dry food. I sat there and stared at it, trying to decide if I should say something. I figured the chances of either of them giving a damn that I was in distress was only about 50-50, but I decided to try anyway. The Woman actually looked over and asked what was wrong, and when she saw me loking at the dish she asked if there was something in it.

Well, duh, that's why I was staring at it and complaining.

Ants. The food dish and the water fountain were loaded with ants. She said a bad word or two, told the Man about it, and he went off to get something to take care of them (after he called his dad. He had to call Daddy to find out what to do! Ha!) But cripes, because of those ants Buddah and I got locked up in a bedroom for a long time. Like it was our fault the ants got in the house in the first place.

So now our dry food and water is up on a counter in the kitchen. I hope it stays there, 'cause I like being on the counter. Buddah says it's cool, but he wishes the food would stay on one place for at least ten minutes, because he never knows where it's going to be.

Get used to it, kid. They can never make up their little minds.

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