Buddah hasn't been leaving food on his plate because he's sick or anything; he's been doing it because he doesn't really like it. He would much prefer to have REAL Stinky Goodness, not the stuff intended for kittens that passes for Stinky Goodness. I think it tastes just fine, but he got into a stubborn streak. He'd eat a little bit because it was there, but once he had a taste or two he'd walk away.

So the People caved. They fed him the good stuff tonight, and he ate so fast I'm surprised he didn't inhale the plate.

This doesn't negate the fact that I should have been allowed to finish what he didn't, but it'll be a non-issue now.

On one hand I'm a little miffed because I really liked his food, but on the other hand, I taught him well. He held out for what he wanted and got it. I'm impressed enough that I think I'll only shove him down a few stairs tonight instead of the whole staircase.

Then agan, the brain dead twit likes that, so his feelings might be hurt...

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