November 20, 2005

I have horrible, horrible People.

In all this Oh-Buddah-Is-A-Big-Boy-And-Needs-Big-Boy-Food they neglected to mention one very important thing:

They decided to switch us from getting Stinky Goodness 3 times a day to 2. Why? Because the little monster couldn't eat an entire can of kitten food in 2 feedings, so we were getting it 3 times a day, but NOW he can eat a can of good Stinky Goodness in just 2 meals, so we're getting the shaft on our night time snack!

Oh, the Woman says I'm still getting the same amount of food, but I don't care! I want my snack! I was happy getting that snack! So what if I only used to get it twice a day before I got sick. I don't care!


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