I met it.
I am not impressed.

It--okay, he--is just a baby kitty but he has an attitude and I'm not sure I like that. He can't stay focused on anything for more than a minute, unless it's playing with my green catnip mouse. If I wantd to, I could sit on him and squish him. I might want to, but right now they have him in this cage in the living room,where I can see him and get used to him.

Yeah. Well. I'm not getting used to him.

Once he's out of that cage, I might even try to eat him. He's not that big, though, so it'll probably be just a snack.

I can be patient.
A heck of a lot more patient than he seems to be.

Oh, and there are more pictures of us meeting. They're pretty big, so fair warning if you're on dialup.

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Is that little thing considered a CAT?!? It's so....small. Dude. You could totally take it on.
But...on the other paw, he's kinda...I dunno...cute...in a manly cat way.