Ohhhhh. I’ve discovered something nice. Very nice.

In the room with the Peoples’ oddly shaped litterbox, there’s this thing coming out of the wall near the floor. It’s not very attractive, but it blows warm air. And not just a little here and there, but most of the time! I can lay there and it’s like laying in a perfectly formed, never moving spot of sunshine.

Once in a while the air stops, but the spot stays warm, and if I wait a few minutes, it blows again.

It crossed my mind that maybe they put it there just for me, but then I realized that no, they wouldn’t do that. They put it there for them, to keep themselves warm while sitting on that weird litterbox thingy. I’ve decided that’s fine, as long as it’s there, and as long as they don’t mind me hogging it when no one else is in there.

You know, the Woman is always cold. I wonder why she doesn’t curl up in front of it?

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