March 21, 2020

Look at it this way...

Asked in a message to me: "Aren't you worried about the fallout from offering your books for free after what happened the last time? Aside from the people who wanted free print copies, what about the people who paid for those books and now feel upset about it?"

Okay. No, I am not worried. The print people weren't a consideration this time around; if someone cannot grasp the money involved in providing print editions for everyone who wants one, I can't help them. Digital is easy, doesn't cost me anything other than a few royalties, and anyone with a computer can download the books. You don't even need a dedicated digital reader, just a Kindle app.

But the people who already bought my books, and paid real money?

Yes, they were a consideration. But most of the people who read my work are pretty cool and I think most of them know that the money I make on my books doesn't go to hooker and blow, or even food on my plate.

It goes to this:

Car loads of toys every Christmas. This was the first photo I could easily find, taken in 2016, and was the first load of three. The people stuffed the back of the Mazda CX-5 with toys, all paid for by my royalties.

That's what you're doing when you buy my books. You're really buying toys for kids who otherwise might not get any for the holidays. You're also buying food donations throughout the year. Charitable donations.

The stories you get are the icing, I think. I hope you like the flavor.

And right now? Well, things are different right now, and it's a time when I think the creative arts are standing up and saying, hey, we're here to distract and amuse you; we're here to entertain and amaze you. For most artists, it's not really about the money, though for those who need it to put food on the table, the money certainly helps.

Writers write even if they don't sell. Painters keep painting. Artists draw, sketch, digitize, cross mediums...we all do what we do because it's what we are.

Right now, when boredom is a Real Thing, we offer of ourselves what we can. So I'm offering my books--right now the first five in the Wick books, while the Woman is offering up her entire Charybdis series--because it's one little thing we can do.

Yes, it might make a tiny difference in the number of toys we buy in December. We'll figure it out. Maybe make the Man kick in  a few things.

But that's really what you're buying. Not my books; you're buying toys.

So I hope if you've already bought all of my books, you understand and are okay with me giving them away for free right now.

And the first book of Wick shorts will drop soon...and yes, you're getting first crack at them. For free, before they go to print. Just don't tell my new publisher. ;)


Gemini and Ichiro said...

I have never in my life been upset with an author who offered a book free when I purchased it. Just like I'm not upset if I got to the store and purchase something full price and see it weeks later on sale. Sales happen. Free is just a really, really good sale.

Hnossa said...

We've paid for all your books, Max, and think it is wonderful that you are offering them for free.

These are not normal times, and your being able to help by having your books available for free is a gracious gesture. Anything that any of us can do to help is appreciated.

There's no one upset at our house! Thanks, Max!

Sasha said...

Max, I, too, have paid for your books and I am fine with you offering them for free now. Your stories are a gift to all of us. The toys are a super cool bonus cherry on top. Mom thinks so, too.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood...984 paws up two ewe N mom N dad......thiz iz total lee epic lee awesum !!!!!

N we bee gettin reddy ta go on lock down sew we iz knot sure when we will bee abe bull ta sneek ta blogland ~~~~ heerz two happeez N healtheez two all ☺☺♥♥

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

You are Pawsome, Max. We think you are doing the right thing to help your fans stay at home time fun with your books. I have read many of the shorts, but I am waiting for the book and the "rest or the story"