March 13, 2020

At least we didn't need TP...

I watched some news on TV today with the Woman, there was a story about people getting into a fight over stuff at a store. And then I thought, well, I'm not sure I have enough cat food if the people wind up having to stay home for a while, so I directed her to put pants on and head for the pet store.

And doods, she did it. Oh she SAYS she was planning on going anyway, but I know the truth. And she came home later with enough cat food to last a while (about as long as usual, this wasn't really a stocking up kind of thing) and said she had a moment of Real Stupid and went to Costco...for popcorn. Just a couple bags of this popcorn she likes.

Doods, I don't know why she didn't stay in her car, turn around, and come home. She actually parked, went inside, and spent most of her time dodging people with carts loaded so high they couldn't see where they were going. And THEN she waited in a line 10 deep JUST TO BUY A COUPLE BAGS OF POPCORN.

I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS WOMAN who does stuff like this.

But, I got my canned gooshy goodness, so really, what do I care...?


Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

If it's that stuff from Popcornopolis, our mom totally understands. With all the hoarding madness going on, though, we wonder what would happen if something really bad happened, like a zombie apocalypse or EMP or something.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

At least she got your gooshy goodness. That is the most important thing.

Cleo said...

Yeah, my mom and dad went out and stocked up on stuff like popcorn, rice, pasta, my mega-sized bag of special kidney diet crap and a few cans of stinkiness. They also found empty shelves where there would ordinarily be TP, sanitizer, wipes, disinfectant, etc. Crazy times. Now, I gotta ask something; about that line up there that goes "so I directed her to put pants on..."- what in tarnation is that all about??