March 29, 2020

Here we go...the last 4 books

Okay, doods, this download link is for the four books in the Return of the Wick Chronicles books.


It expires in one week, so get it now.

With this, if you took advantage of the other links, you'll have every available Wick story. I hope you like them. This is, basically, my life's work after all.

For clarity, the reading order is 1) Wick Chronicles Omnibus, 2) Wick After Dark Duology, 3) Return of the Wick Chronicles Quadrilogy, and 4) Waiting to Inhale.

I'm now going to take a nap, and when I get up, I'm getting back to work on the second of the Wick Shorts books. There are already 3 stories for it (including the last one that will be in it and doods, IT IS GOOD) but they're still first draft stuff, and there are a couple of stories I still want to write.

Oh, and I was asked...Waiting to Inhale is not yet published, not in print or "official" digital form. Consider this one a "leak" LOL. I'm not even sure that the cover I gave y'all with this edition is the final one, though I haven't been given any other artwork so I think it is.

Oh Oh, the cover for this quadrilogy? That was almost the cover for The King of Saint Francis. I really dug it, so I'm glad we got to use it.

I hope y'all are being safe out there! In there. STAY INSIDE. Remember--and I saw this in a meme on Facebook so you know it's true--you're not STUCK inside. You're SAFE inside. I like that. Be safe. You're awesome and I need you to be safe.


Sasha said...

OMG Max! What a gift you have given to all of us! You are most generous oh Obi Max Kenobi!

Scritches and purrs,

Vicat said...

Still soggy after finishing Inhale.

World of Animals, Inc said...

Thanks for sharing. We are coming home from the office to check this out later today cause no leaving the house when we get home. We hope you are doing well and have a great day.
World of Animals

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Thanks Max, you and the Woman are very generous. These will also help to keep our feeder busy doing something besides bothering me for cuddles and let me lay in her lap longer.