And it's a bouncing baby book!

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/28/2018 05:01:00 PM

All righty. The newest book in the Wick After Dark series, The Blessings of Saint Wick, is now out. The Kindle and hardback versions are up, and the paperback should pop up by the end of the week. Sooner or later both print versions will surface on other online bookseller sites, but I don't know when.

Wick's a little bit mischievous in this one...for a good reason. And you don't want to miss drunk Aubrey. Or what Aisha threatens to tie into knots. And...there was a fly.

We're kinda sighing in relief that this one is done and ready for readers, because the next book...YES THE NEXT BOOK... is like 98% done (already had its first pass with the editor and beta readers) and just needs some polishing. It's the book for the people who weren't comfortable with the After Dark series, and you should be able to jump right into it without having read any After Dark.

It was originally going to be a Wick Chronicles book, but it's shorter and we're bouncing back and forth with the editor about whether it should start its own series of shorter stories.

But the new book, the one you can get your sweaty little paws on, is up, and it's a long one, about as long as The Space Between Whens.

I might be just a bit verbose. And we could have cut some stuff, but when it got right down to it...I didn't wanna.

I'm an old man now. I get to write what I want.

I'll let ya guys know when I have copies to pawtograph. That might be a couple weeks.

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Concatulations! Proud it is that I am that you wrote a great book. Why is it not named "The Blessings of Saint Max" cause you are so much like Wick, Mr. Awesome.

Woohoo! Fantastic news!