The Big One-Three

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/15/2018 09:40:00 AM

Today he is 13.

That's a hell of a lot of years I've had to put up with him.

He's still a PITA, but over the last few months he's been a little less so, probably because the People put Feliway diffusers all over the place. I don't think he's matured, but I'll take what I can get.

It's still early in the day so I haven't given him his present yet (don't tell him, but I got him a new nip banana!) but after dinner he'll get a special meaty treat and then I'll give it to him. He loves nip bananas almost as much as I do, so he'll be set for the rest of the evening.

I might even let him have the bed in front of the fireplace tonight. It all depends on whether the people turn it on or not.

But still. Thirteen.

Happy Birthday, Buddah Pest.

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Happy Hatchday, Buddah!

Happy Birthday, Buddah!!

Love, Lynn & Scout

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Buddah! You don't look a day over ten...eleven, tops!

Happy Birthday to Buddahpest! May you and Max have many more.

Happy Birthday!

dood...happee birthday two ewe N heerz ta 13 mor...N joy sum perch pizza anda beer; in catz yeerz yur lee gull :) a toast two a yeer a head filled with happeez N healtheez ~~ ☺☺

Happy Birthday Buddah Pest.
Enjoy your day.

Happy birthday, Buddah Pest!

Happy birthday, pal! But are you sure you're really 13? You look like you're still growing into your ears!

Happy Birthday, Budda!

Happy birthday to you, Buddah!

Happy birthday,Buddah!

A teenager! Happy Purrthday Buddah.

Happy Birthday, Buddah Pest!

Happy Birthday Buddah!!!

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Happy Birfday Buddhah! (Hah, hah, hah).

But those Feliways things are pretty good BTW.