Still waiting on the pills...

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/04/2018 01:47:00 PM

Yeah, I dunno. There was all that "Ooh we have to give Max pills now and he's going to hate it and his life will be miserable," and I was bracing myself for it, but so far, no pills.

There's been bites of cheese, like tiny bites that just make me want more, but no pills.

Maybe they changed their minds? Go figure.

I'm going to stare until you get me more cheese...

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Bites of cheese sound good. Much better than those tiny pills. You make sure they keep giving you those delicious little bites of cheese.

Cheese, yes, just go for the cheese. Don't worry about the pill.

Maybe the vet changed their mind and decided you need cheese instead, Max.

Hey buddy! Enjoy the cheese cause it is yummy and pills are not. My poor Jamie gets squirted down the throat with his meds everyday! However two days a week, he has one med that he hates and so he goes into his "witness protection" mode and hides but he still has to get it when he gets spotted again.

Cheese? Yup, cheese is good. What you might call an alternative treatment, Max. Keep eating it and we bet you'l feel better.

And I'm sure there were no pills inside those cheeses, hmm?

Cheese sounds really good!

Max, glad to hear you like that cheese! You can probably forget all about the rumor of pills...

Mmmmm, cheese...