Posted by Max | Posted on 4/05/2018 06:14:00 PM

Okay. So, I've been getting an appetizer before breakfast and before dinner every night. I get a tiny bite of cheese, which I enjoy, and my cheese has seeds, which I do not. But the seeds taste like cheese, so I swallow them anyway, because I figure it works like birds and fruit seeds: I eat the, I poop them out, and then a cheese tree will grow.

Well. So far, no little cheese tree saplings are growing in my litter box. And once in a while I would like a different appetizer.

So tonight at dinner, when the Woman put my cheese treat down, I sat back, looked at it, looked at her, and asked for something different.

Woman: if you don't eat that, I don't open a can.
Me: Can I have something else, though?
Woman: Nope.
Me: Can I at least have the seedless cheese tonight?
Woman: Nope. If you don't eat that, I'm not opening the can of tuna fancy feast.
Woman: You won't eat the cheese, BooBoo.
Me: He can have mine.

Sheesh. Would it have killed her to provide a different appetizer just once???

And yeah, don't feel bad for Buddah. She tried giving him cheesy appetizers for a while but he just rolled it around on the counter. But he wouldn't roll it far enough to fall to the floor. I would have eaten it, too, if he had.


Check this out, doods.

The Woman turned the newest book cover into a t-shirt, and I think she's more excited about the shirt than the book.

If you want one, you can get it HERE. Totally recommend the Ultra double-sided...the Woman has like 50 shirts from this place and they last freaking forever. Even the first shirts she bought there still look new.

If you want to see our other shirts, you can see them HERE. We'll be adding other shirts soon, maybe even one or two of yours truly.

I kinda wish I could wear a shirt, because I dig this one.

Oh, there are other things, too, like pillows and tank tops and even shower curtains, but the Woman is a total t-shirt whore so that's what she thinks about.


One other thing... looks like the paperback of The Blessings of Saint Wick is available, and all three versions are connected on Amazon. I'll update the sidebar soon, but until then, just click HERE to get it.


Other other thing...the After Dark series was not some people's cuppa tea, but the next book will be the first in the second Chronicles series (did that make sense? I think it makes sense) and you can jump right back into it. And to be honest, guys, I think this next one is the best one. It's shorter, but every beta reader so far has loved it, and every single one of 'em have cried.

It's done, the editor needs one more pass and the main beta readers need one more pass, but it won't be long. The Whens of Wick is coming soon.

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Mum wants one of those shirts, so she needs to get an order in.

Mr. Awesome, please eat the cheese and then if you ask for another appetizer she might just give you a second one. You just gotta keep going with the chrese tasting seeds too. You were never one to give up on something! If you don't keep trying with those seeds, you will never find out if a cheese sapling grows in the litter box and that would be such a needed discovery gone bad for endless numbers of other kitties! Never ever give up on an experiment!

Maybe cheese trees are just out of season, Max. We bet something will happen if you continue.

AS if a human telling a cat to eat something actually worked...

Yea! That is like trying to put socks on a cat! LOL.

Mebbe iffen The Woman gave you a small piece of seedless cheeses, you wouldn't mind eating the seedy cheese right after. I mean ONE little piece of cheese never satisfies ME annyway. ~ IZA