I think my ears are bleeding

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/12/2017 10:08:00 PM

Ok, well, not for real, but damn.

The Woman watched the Grammy Awards tonight, which is always a bad idea, because she hears all this spiffy music with awesome singers, and then tries to sing along.

I was on her lap, curled up and warm and happy, when all the sudden this NOISE starts.

Doods. I totally growled at her.

Then I jumped down onto the floor and she kept on with the wailing, so I started yelling at her...and she laughed at me! Like it was funny!

I showed her. I left the room and refused to sit in her lap after that.

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Good for you, Mr. Awesome! Poor kitty ears should not be hurt like that! Poor boy :-(

Why do humans insist they can sing and then sing along with really good people!

MOL, my momma always sings along too.

One of the cats who came before once bit the woman as she sang...I can't say I blame him having heard her sing now and again.

will she ever learn?

Yep, you sure told her Max! We bet she might not, possibly, make that noise again...maybe.

Your poor ears. Mum doesn't sing much, thankfully. Sometimes hums along.

We bet she thought you were singing WITH her, not complaing about the banshee noises. They really dont know what they sound like...