Posted by Max | Posted on 2/08/2017 07:18:00 PM

All right, tonight I wandered into the living room, and since there was no fire going, I tried to turn it on by myself. The switch is hard, though, and even after all these years I can't budge it. The Woman saw, though, and got up to turn it on for me.

"There ya go," she said as she sat back down.

My mission accomplished, I turned around and head to the back of the house for a nap. I heard a lot of bad words as I went down the hall.

I wonder what she was upset about.

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Bwa ha ha ha!

Max, you crack me up!

You've got her trained!

ROTLMAO!!! Your human is the best!



You have her well trained. If she would only figure that out so she stops with the HBO words

Well, its not like ya promised ta stay afterwards...

She should know better by now.

Good Max!