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Posted by Max | Posted on 1/16/2017 03:37:00 PM

We got a box of hardback copies of Ozoo -- 20 in total -- so I can pawtograph them for people who are collecting my spiffy signature. We'd hoped to have them in time for Christmas but that didn't pan out, and then when we did get them things were hectic around here...but, I got 'em ready for anyone who wants one.

Paper or Hard back
The paperback will be available soon...I probably said that before but now I totally mean it! Just waiting on some tweaks that need to be done to the metadata before it can go into distribution.

Work on the 3rd book is going well...and the 4th, too, but that's not going to be a Wick Chronicles book. It's going to be the first Wick After Dark, because it's not holding back in the bouncy things department. Well, it's not going to be porn, but it's not gonna be for kids, either.

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Great! Nice going!

Your pawtograph is a major factor for your books but you are the main reason. You just make reading really fun and interesting! Even for kids I hear! Hence the name "Mr. Awesome"!

LOL--loved the purchase confirmation screen!

Glad things are going well. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

I don't think I even know what the confirmation screen shows!