Posted by Max | Posted on 1/05/2017 09:38:00 PM

The Man ripped the Whovimas tree limb from limb yesterday and shoved its corpse into a box and then took it out into the room where the rumbly bikes live, as if I didn't still want it. He waited until the Woman was taking a nap, so I know she was not in favor of taking it down. It was a sneaky thing to do, but she didn't yell at him or anything. Probably because she has a cold and she sounds like a frog and can't yell at anyone.

Naps have been happening like twice a day for her, for 2 hours at a time, and she still goes to bed at regular time. That's how we know she's really sick and not just feeling icky. When she feels icky, she sits in the living room and whines about it. When she's sick, she sleeps a lot.

We prefer it when she's sick.

Also, she keeps turning the fireplace on, so even though the tree is gone the living room is a happy place to be...well, right up until the moment she decides her eyelids have gained 40 pounds and she can't hold them open anymore. The she turns it off and wanders to the back of the house.

Lady, I got news for you. It's not your eyelid weight showing up on the scale.

Oh, and there's been bacon lately. I'm not sure how this ties into her not feeling well but I'm not questioning it. She made bacon twice, so the treats have been extra special.

See, another reason we prefer it when she's sick.

Man, if she stays sick, I might get bacon a third time.

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Good luck on the baccon

I wish my momma would get sick, den maybe I'd get some bacon!

Wow. If our mom got sick, we'd have to rely on ourselves. And you know what that means--someone would wind up crying. Hope yours feels better soon, even if it does mean less bacon. Wait--what's bacon?

I have never had bacon... I wonder if I'd like it?

Enjoy your bacon while it lasts. I hope the Woman soon feels better.

Well, we'll send purrayers fur her to get well and fur you to get more bacon. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Hope the beans feel better soon. Mr. Awesome you let her know very nicely and politely that you love the bacon, you have enjoyed it since she has been sick (which is very kind!), and you would love to have it even when she gets well again. I think some polite diplomacy and not demanding might be the key to "bringing home the bacon".

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While we wouldn't want you to miss out on bacon, we sends our purrs your mom bean feels better soon. Purhaps this sickness is bringing out the bacon making desire in her and that will continue after she's over being sick. Paws crossed!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

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