Holy Birthday Box, Batman!

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/23/2016 03:15:00 PM

Doods, check out the birthday stuff I got from my friend Mighty Kitty. I GOT A WHOLE BOX FILLED WITH STUFF!!

Ok, it's really for both Buddah and me, but it was sent for my birthday so it's technically all mine, but I'll share it with him because I'm not a jerk.

Buddah will probably get most of the treats since my tummy is particular, but I get to try them all anyway. But first up...I'm getting into the Silvervine, because, NIP!!!

Oh. I need to get into it and then help the Woman work on my book. We worked yesterday and if you ever doubted that I dictate to her...well, here's the proof.

We were having a discussion about the word "horrible" because she said I had used it too many times on one page and needed something else, and I was pretty firm that horrible was the right word, trying to work with her.

We're on the home stretch with the book. Revisions are nearly done, and then it needs to be proofed. We are WAY ahead of the deadline, so if we get finished and it gets proofed and the editor says ok, it may go to print long before expected. And we have tons of notes for the next one, so we might jump onto that, too.

This is gonna be a fun, nipped out, story-writing summer!

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Wow, what pawsome stuff!

Cool prezzies Max!
Bet it's hard work helping your mom with your book.
Humans can be difficult sometimes ;)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Dude ! You & your Bro. are so LUCKY !
Happy Birthday Max =^x^=

technically all mine

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That is a great box of birthday goodies, Max! I would go for the silvervine first as well. I can take it or leave it with treats.

You really made out here. Enjoy them all. PS: we know all about how tough it is to work with hoomins and make them toe the line. It's a constant battle, isn't it?? Just HORRIBLE how much effort we haz to put in.

What a great haul!

that is one impressive haul! Glad you had a nice birthdy

Amazing stuff Max! A rare opportunity ta share with Buddah without loss to yerself! Claim it was all yer idea...

Nice box of goodies. Hey, if it is horrible,it's horrible.