Why I'll never be on the New York Times Bestseller's List:

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/08/2016 03:46:00 PM

Me: I have an idea for the next book.

The Woman: Let's finish this one first.

Me: But it's a great idea!

The Woman: Let's finish this one first.

Me: But we should at least take notes so I don't forget my idea.

The Woman: Let's finish this one first.


The Woman: Let's finish this one first.

Me: But we'll save humanity!

The Woman: Let's finish this one first.

Cripes almighty, doods, this book is essentially done. We're just doing some minor revisions and proofing. She could set it aside and take copious notes for me, but nooooo.

Oh...and for your viewing pleasure, here's a little preview of the very much unfinished cover mock up.

The Woman's name is on this one but probably won't be in the final version. I mean, who gives cover credit to their typist...?

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Aliens huh???

Only in the credits and who reads those? 😁

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Staff! The cover looks great!

I like the new idea! Wouldn't it be nice to have thumbs so you could jot down some notes while your human is proofing the almost-done book?

Several things occur ta us.

1. We ARENT aliens? We thought we came here ta civilize the apes. We thought we were doing pretty well so far. MUCH more werk needed. of course.
2. Book Land demands Humans to credit. Interviews are easier and they can invent stuff fer the back of the jacket easier.
3. They cant send checks you YOU! Well, they COULD, but could you cash them?
4. The IRS would make ya pay taxes, and the tax rate on rich cats is HORRENDOUS! (Mice wrote those rools)
4. You dont have a Legal Will; the Human might.
5. You cant fdrive a car. That means nothing but it sounded good.
6. Cattus Ergo Sum! (Let the Human struggle with the Book Land Weasels)

Needs a fabulous pic of you in Space Fighter gear. Oh! Maybe you will get a laser ray gun!!

I love the cover. Catches the eye.... Now off with you, find a sunny spot and write about them alien warlords.

Looking good Max! And we think your idea is great!

Looking forward to it's release.😊

Well Max, the cover looks quite promising, and when it gets attention 'your' book is going to be picked up and read!

Mindy & Mike

the woman can apparently only do one thing at a time.. you need an assistant.