Y'all need pretty things to look at today

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/12/2016 01:41:00 PM

This has been a horrible day for people, and for that I am truly sorry. When a day like today happens, with people dying needlessly at the hands of someone who cannot be in their right mind, it's too easy to see nothing but ugliness all around.

But this is a beautiful world, people. It's more beautiful than it is ugly, and that includes people.

Click on image to biggify...go on, it's magnificent
Just look around. The people doing the ugly things are broken people; there are more of you that are whole and wonderful and so breathtakingly beautiful, and you need to remember that. There are far more good people in the world than bad, but it's the ones doing awful, horrible things that get noticed most.

But look around. You'll see, this world is a wonderful place.

I'm happy to be in it, however few the years I'm given might be.

You're a big reason why. I see you out there, going about your people-lives, the effort you make in getting from day to day and the good you do without even thinking about it.

But...sometimes, on a day like today, people need to be reminded that they are wonderful and special, and to not let the ugliness that swirls in microscopic mists drown them out.

Weep for the dead and the people who loved them, but never forget...there's all this awesomeness around us.

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I haven't blogged the last couple of weeks because my routine has been turned upside down. The Man had to go to the stabby guy, who is apparently a stabby lady, and she did stabby things to him, and it included someone else passing gas on him, which I thought was both ironic and funny.

But...while I popped onto Facebook some, the Woman has been distracted and not helping me with my blogging. I can't complain too much, because she has been helping with revisions on my book, which looks like it will be done way ahead of the September deadline.

Ya, I have deadlines.

In any case, the Man is healing spectacularly and even though he'll be off work for a couple of weeks still, the Woman is not nearly as distracted and should be more willing to help me blog in between bouts of helping me write.

If not...I'm on Facebook, you can find me at my "official" author's page

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Rock on Max

Oh Max, these *are* beautiful. This has been a terrible weekend for my Human (despite the shiny new Silver Bullet). This horror in Florida and a tragedy much closer to home. These pictures are just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and hurray for the Man's recovery!

Good reflection Max!

Good reflection Max!

Thank you for the reminder, Max, of what a beautiful world it is. So glad the Man is recovering well. Purrs, Dip & Dot

So sorry the man is I'll. Best wishes for his recovery.

Beautiful pictures Max, to remind us not everything in this world is ugly.
I hope The Man continues to heal well.

These are lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing. PS: we hope the Man gets all healed up very quickly.

Max, do you know what the most beautiful thing is?


Thank you for these, Max. We sure needed them.

We hope the Man recovers quickly, but maybe before then he'll get all confuzzled and feed you twice or something.

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the beauty around us. I even caught mum smelling the roses tonight. Yeah, she just went out and inhaled flowers that smelled nice.

Too many Beins are just crazy-mean and angry... We bet they dont live with cats.

Happy 15th Birthday Max !
You are looking as handsome as ever :)
We are pretty sure you will be around long enough to say things and bother people and then some !
Enjoy yourself and be sure to get spoiled!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ