Baby, it's cold outside

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/05/2016 10:22:00 PM

It's raining pretty hard tonight. I mean, it's been raining off and on all day, but tonight it's coming down hard and it's super windy. The talking heads on TV say that a bunch of tree are down and things got smashed, but so far nothing like that has happened here.
I generally like the rain because I have the fireplace and can steal its warms, but I'm not liking all the wind and how it makes the window thingies outside bang against the house. Even the Woman is moaning about how hard it will be to sleep with that noise going on. It's just bang-bang-bang-bang and she can't even go outside and make it stop. For one thing, she'd probably melt (you saw Wizard of Oz, right? You saw what happened to the Wicked Witch of the West.) For another, she can't see in the dark and it's night time. So we get to listen to the noise all night.
This is the guy who used to wait on our porch
But worse than that...she looked outside and thought she saw one of the neighborhood introoder cats run by, which means it's stuck outside in pounding rain and heavy wind, and there are no fireplaces out there where it can steal some warms. It's not like I want her to go outside and try to catch it (face it, she's too slow anyway) and bring it inside, because that would result in many toothy deaths and probably a lot of bloodshed, but that doesn't mean I like the idea if it being outside when the weather is like this.

Maybe it'll find our porch. There used to be an introoder kitty who napped there when it was rainy. He hasn't been here in a few years, but the porch has a cover so he could mostly stay dry. He even felt safe enough to take naps...the Woman never bothered him and she would even stop doing noisy things inside so that he would feel ok about being there.

I don't know where he finally went, but I think maybe his people scopped him up and moved. He looked well fed and his furs were nice, and the Woman thought he might be an escape artist that used to live two houses down.

Anyway. It's super rainy, and while I like the rain I hate the noise, and outside there's a kitty that we're going to worry about tonight.

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As much as we dnt generally like introoder cats, the idea of even the ones we dont like being stuck outside in heavy rain s distressing! Is there maybe some big plastic box The Woman could cut a hole in and put outside with a cinder block on top so it dont blow away?

We sure hope the introoder kitty found a place to stay warm and dry and safe from the storm. You are such a good kitty too Max to care about another kitty. Hope the storm passes soon.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Poor introoder kitty. We're purring that he found a safe place to stay.

It hurts me to see a poor kitty out in that wind and rain! He looks cold and wet and scared too! Maybe the Man can temporarily find a way to secure a big storage container with old towels and sheets inside and a warm hot water bottle under the towels. He's so talented in that way! Would you be willing to share some warmed stinky goodness and water?

PS. That container would be best facing away from the rain and cold! Just sayin. 😢

Sounds good! And very needed!

This is why our Mom has learned to not like winter really. She keeps thinking about all the furry ones caught out in the bad weather.