Happy Birthday Buddah Pest

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/15/2016 10:55:00 AM

Today, he's onety-one. Here he is crying, because he hasn't gotten any presents yet.

(Ok no, this is an old picture and he has allergies...)

I did get him 3 toys, but we haven't given him his gifts yet, because he would rather nap than play right now. He'll be more awake this afternoon, and we'll given them to him then. Plus, I think the People are picking up their present to him after lunch (don't tell him,but he's getting a new climbing tower, since he's scratched the bejeezuz out of the other 3 we have...and then he chews on the strings, and they're worried he'll choke of plug his intestines...so he gets a new one.)

This was last year on his birthday. He killed that toy in nothing flat.

And here's his better side.

Happy Birthday, Buddah. Onety-one is a great age. It's the age when you learn to leave the other kitty alone and never again bite or scratch him. For realz.

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Bwahahaha! You are the best brofur efurr, Max--you've let the little stinker liff a buncha years!!

Absolutely luff the final picture; it's meme-worthy, don't you think?

Happy birthday to Buddah! It sounds like he is having an awesome day!

Happy Birthday Buddah! Hope you enjoy that new cat tower!

Happy birthday to the bane of your life! Score! A new tower!

Happy birthday to the bane of your life! Score! A new tower!

Happy birthday, Buddah, you handsome thing you. Kudos on scoring the new birthday t****r! I love that last photo of you.

P.S. Izzy-the-piglet-who-will-eat-anything-and-everything not only chews on the strings from ours but he'll eat the fuzz, too. (Maybe I should call him Izzy the Goat.) My mom is constantly giving it a haircut and a defuzz because she has the same worry.

Happy Birthday Buddah! Enjoy your new cat tree!

Happy birthday Buddah! Enjoy the new cat tower.

Happy birthday, Buddah Pest. Hope your hoomans bring good toys and really good snacky treats. ♡

Happy Birthday Buddah!

Happy Birthday Buddah. That's a great last photo.

Happy Birthhday, Buddah! You really are a hamdsome dude in so many ways! Hope ya get lots of presents!

Happy birthday buddy. Many more.
P.S. be nice to Max.

Happy birthday buddy. Many more.
P.S. be nice to Max.

Happy birthday Buddah!

MOL! We love your "best" side, Buddah. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Cake for everybody!

Happy Birthday Buddah!

Happy Birthday, Buddah. Ignore the whiny one. He's jealous because today is your day! (Kidding, Max) May there be peace between you two all day and no strings hanging from your new ... um, present so you don't choke. Have fun.

Happy oneth +oneth! We loved seeing yer pink... um thing ya were sitting on...

Happy Birthday Buddah! Better get to scratching this one up too to make them get you another new one next year

Happy belated birthday Buddah! We hope you had a wonderful day. Did you dead all the new toys?

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Happy Purrthday Buddah.