Damn Dogs...

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/29/2016 11:49:00 AM

She did it again. The Woman up and disappeared before dinner time and the next thing I know she's posting THIS on Facebook:

Yes, that's who you think it is. That Damned Dog Butters, and his sister, Lady. When I saw that, I knew I was in for a lonely, hungry night.

And I know she enjoyed being there, because she obviously played with them.

But. The joke was on her, because Butters was obviously hoping his people would come home and rescue him from her boringness.

She came home yesterday and immediately put her clothes in the washer, but it didn't help. She still smelled like dog. A shower last night did not help.

The steak I got later, though...that helped.

And she was only gone one night, and the Man opened cans for me, so...I'm not mad. I kinda feel bad for Butters, though, because look at him. He obviously wanted HIS woman and not mine.

Can't say as how I blame him...

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Well, steak DOES help. And its good she threw her clothes off an into the washer as soon as she got home (though she COULD have done that BEFORE she stepped in smell-rang)e. But still, Woofies dood... Thats harsh. Its not like she could think ya wouldnt KNOW!

We're not quite sure what WE would do if TBT came home like that. Barfed probably...

At least ya got steak.

Mr. Awesome,never worry about a woofie taking the woman away. Srsly! How could she fond a more devoted and caring kitty than you?!!! Woofies need care like little sticky people. You are Mr. Awesome the cat with admirers worldwide! Max the dogs aren't famous! Yoi are!

At least she didn't bring it into your house! And steak, dude, we can just about forgive anything for steak...or real live dead shrimp.

Max, my mom's annoying, all right, but at least she doesn't cheat on us with d*gs!

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A www Max, you are getting to be an old softy. Thinking about Butters like that. Maybe next time, the dogs can come stay with you? She'll never choose them over you anyway, but dogs aren't so bad as long as they know their place. We all know that kitties are FAR Superior to any woofie. And we have to take care of those dependant types of creatures because they surely can't take care of themselves like kitties can.

We are glad that you got some steak at least!

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