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Posted by Max | Posted on 3/30/2016 04:01:00 PM

I had to turn into a slave driver. The Woman kept finding all these things to distract herself with, and my book was not getting written. So for the last few weeks, I've forced her to take copious notes and to listen to all the words I wanted her to type, and then I had to make sure she was going to get them in the right order, and I sent her to Starbucks most days, where she could drink a lot of tea and organize all my thinks into a book.

Wow...that was like I took a page from the Buddah Pest School of Writing's textbook.

Anyhow, we finished the first draft last night. It was all very exciting, and the Woman celebrated by taking her lactose-intolerant self out to get a large chocolate shake, and I got to celebrate with real live fresh dead steak bites and with some crunchy treats the Easter Bunny sent me through Amazon (the Easter Bunny is a GIRL! Did you know that? I did not know that. And I'm kinda glad, because in my head it makes more sense to have a girl Easter bunny.)

(Oh. wait. That was sexist of me. The Easter Bunny is a WOMAN. A lady. A very classy lady, I might add.)

As first drafts go, it's...okay. The bones of the story are strong, but once we got rolling it was like we were barfing up the words onto the page, just to get them out. And even though it's fiction and we got to totally make up a bunch of stuff, we have to go back and smooth out the details, like what happened when, and knowing that is important when you're telling a story that has a little bit of time travel in it.

And doods, you are totally going to like the main character in this book. His name is Wick, and he's a cat, and he tells the story...which means FINALLY a book will get things right.

Starting this weekend (because we're going to take a couple of days off to rest our brains so the thinks we spit out are better) the Woman is getting out her red pen and marking the krap out of the manuscript, and we'll make more notes, and then get down to the super-deep writing.

But man, looking at the notes we already have...there's enough stuff here for 3-4 books. At the rate we write, I have to live to, like, 21 to finish it all. I'm cool with that. If I make it to 21, I get to have beer.

I mean, that must be worth hanging around for, because the Man is always saying Mmmm, beer when he pops a bottle open.

I think I'll try the root kind first.

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Max, what great news, I'm so excited! And I loved hearing the clues you gave us!

Mr. Awesome, go for age 21 cause a whole big bunch of people would be really leaky if you don't! If you do get to 21, all those people will be happy like New Years Eve! Absolutely can't wait for your new book! You are a fantastic kitty!

I'm so happy it's getting done. Mai hooman needz doze thinks on da paperz cuz she is alwayz forgetting stuf. Speshully wen she goes fur noms.