Secret Paws!!!

Posted by Max | Posted on 12/17/2012 10:08:00 PM

Doods! Look what came! MY SECRET PAWS PRESENT! And my Secret SantaPaws is Ms. Stella!
Ok, it was for Buddah, too, but my name was first! See?

First, we sniffed it:

Then, we discussed who got to untie the ribbon. 
We figured that was best left to someone with opposable thumbs.
Like, the Woman

There was so much in there!
Here I am, sniffing the totally rad Nip Chili Pepper:

And there were Temptations Crunchy Treats!

And doods. DOODS.
Handmade by Ms. Stella's mom, Ms. Stacy!

I got to use it first. AND got the nip pepper first!

Buddah POSED on it.
He was a little this point.

Then he got his turn at the nip pepper.

Ms. Stella...and Miss Jack, Scrappie Cat, Miss Jenga, Clyde, & Oliver, thank you so much! Your gifts are wicked cool and we're both loving the carp out of them!

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What a cool secret paw you got! Woo Hoo!

Ooh, that quilt looks SO comfy! And ANNY NIP smells are bonus!!!

Maxie & Buddha, I am very glad you gotten your gifts and you like 'em. Sometimes that woman is asserted to give hand made stuffs but I tells her that if it's got the nip, its gotta be git!

MS Stella O'Houligan

Askeered. Stupid smart phone!

Whoa, I got high just reading your post! That is some powerful nip!

a nip quilt? tits! i wonder if they come in "gin"?

smiles, auntie bee

THat was quite a haul! Have fun on the nip quilt!

Cool stuff! That quilt is awesome.

Whoa..... Secret Nip!!

That is a great package with that nippy quilt.

You guys scored!! We got a nip quilt from Ms. Stella's woman and it's da bomb!!

VEREH cool s.p.'s, boys!

Good stuff that you guys got! Enjoy.

Carp? Did someone say carp? You know, since the tutoring I am alert to food opportunities. But I digress.

Awesome present, Max & Buddah. I has a Ms. Stacy quilt too and I lubs it. I can't believe the Human "put it away" till after Christmas! What's WRONG with her???

Oh Wows! What a pawsome present yous gots from you secret Santa! Ms Stella and her clowder is the bestest ever!

WOW some great stuff! And the quilt is catnip too??!! We have that same chili pepper and we lick & kick the carp out of it too! Enjoy!

Max we just read the Purina Healthy Weight post and left some comments there about weight & ketones. But we just wanted to mention here that she is going to give it a try.

Wow! Your own homemade catnip quilt. How cool is that!