The Woman did it again. Last night she forgot to out food in our dishes before she went to bed, and we STARVED all night long. Really, I think I lost weight, like maybe 3 or 4 ounces. Oh, you can laugh, but when you only weigh about 15 pounds, ounces count!

She was falling all over herself apologizing when she realized it at TEN THIRTY THIS MORNING and she kept saying how we were good boys for not bugging her at 5 a.m. to get up and put some food out, but how can you bug someone when you're so weak from hunger you can barely lick yourself?

The Man tried telling her that there was probably plenty of food in the dishes when she went to bed so we ate that instead of bugging her, but what does he know? He can get his own food! I don't see him being forced to wait until his stomach is growling so hard it's going to turn inside out and grow hands and strangle his liver. Mine was about to, and I'm pretty sure I need my liver.

And Buddah... he's useless; he thinks because she gave us a bite of chicken before she went to bed that was enough. You know, if he had a pillow, I'd go poop on it.

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