Things that are annoying me today

  • The People have not shared anything from their meals for like TWO DAYS. They keep saying they're not eating anything kitty-friendly, but I don't believe it. I think they're just selfish and don't want to share.

  • Earlier today the Woman said she would make a lap tonight and we would start getting caught up on 2 weeks' worth of General Hospital. It's almost 10 p.m., and there's been no lap forthcoming.

  • She apparently does not realize how important it is we get caught up. STUFF IS HAPPENING! And I'm MISSING it!

  • The warm air blowing thingy has not come on nearly enough.

  • The People keep picking me up and holding my head so they can look at my chin. It's a zit, People. It's not going to start doing magic things, like wave at you or start dancing. Leave it alone.

  • Buddah keeps breathing.

  • The Woman insinuated that I need to write another book so that I can pull my weight around here. She should talk.

  • Where's my freaking warm lap?

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