I'm still annoyed, but mostly because the Woman has been hogging the computer for "work," which really means she's playing Bookworm, trying to get 20 million points. She says she got a lot done on her book and only has some tweaks and maybe needs a couple thousand more words...to me that sounds like she's going to be hogging the computer even more.

And we have more than one computer! You'd think she could leave the other one on for us, but nooooooo. That would make sense.

But...she did plop down and let me get almost caught up on General Hospital. Normally I wouldn't care, but I started watching it when I was keeping her lap warm, and now I have to find out who the text message killer is. DON'T TELL ME! I still have a couple of episodes to watch.

Oh yeah, I watch a soap. Real men can do that.

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