February 14, 2008

It's that day again. You know which one. The day where boys give girls presents and girls give boys presents, and they get all mushy about each other and declare their undying luuuuvvvvvv for each other. Then it's all smoochysmoochysmoochy and they share dessert and God knows what else (well, I DO know, but I'm NOT sayin', because there are VERY YOUNG kitties reading...)

I've never given anyone a smoochysmoochysmoochy card or present because I figured it was pointless; I mean, the People had my fun bits RIPPED off, so what good am I as a man cat to a girl kitty? Who could love me like this?

And then I got to thinking. Well, who do *I* love the most? Who deserves a nice present from Max? Who should I spend my hard earned money on, who will appreciate it and be happy, and then it's back to who do I love the most?

Well now.

That simplified the whole smoochysmoochysmoochy thing for me. It's not about who could love nadless me, but WHO DO I LOVE THE MOST?

Whomever I love the most, that's who should get my special gift. So I gave the Woman money, and sent her out for a giant bag of Temptations to give to the one I love the most.

Awesome, wonderful, crunchy treats.

They were quite tasty.



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