You Lookin' At Me?

Whatchew Lookin At?

Buddah's alien eyesBuddah is always jumping on the bookcases so he can get up to these wall cutouts, so tonight I decided to go up there and see what the big thrill is.

I dunno...I was up there long enough to make the People think I didn't know how to get down, and to get Buddah all riled up, but I couldn't figure out what the big deal is. It's up high and all, and that's nice, but I don't see why Buddah gets such a thrill out of it.

Maybe if the cutouts were wider and it were easier to stretch out...

I might get back up there sometime. It's worth it just to see the People go all nutsoid over wondering if I can get down. I can get down! I just didn't see the point of making the effort to get there and then turning around and going the other way.

Sheesh, Buddah's up there all the time and no one gets their panties in a wad.

Finally down...Oh, and this had nothing to do with being up there, no matter what they think. She had the fuzzy blanket! It was warm! Wrm is very important when they don't have the heat up.

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