Oddz N Endz N An Apology

The Woman invades Max's space...

I owe Beau a huge apology; actually, an apology won't be nearly good enough, because what happened was entirely my fault, and if it had been me, I would have been more than upset, I think.

I left Beau out of the book. He submitted several poems, got his publishing agreement in way ahead of time, emailed me to make sure I got everything, and I still managed to screw it up. It is inexcusable--seriously--and I don't think I can apologize enough.

At this point, with the book well into distribution channels, I can't afford to pull it again. I would if I could, because this was a mistake that even a novice shouldn't make. As it is, I'm also catching typos that I never should have let slip past.

I'm hoping--if there's enough interest--to publish another kitty anthology this fall, and if Beau will allow it, his work WILL appear then. With the next one all contributors will get an electronic proof copy before it goes to the printer, to make sure there are no screw ups.

Now, back to Max...

  • We finally got tri-tip last night. For those who have never had it, triptip is a chunk of dead cow. I don't know what part of the cow, but it's very tender and tasty. The Woman says it's kind of like bris-kitt.

  • If you can't bid on the auction, please don't feel bad. It wasn't meant to make anyone feel bad.I'm sorry if that happened.

  • Bones, the model for the book cover, is offering an 8 x 10, to be signed by both the model and the photographer, and we'll auction that next.

  • Buddah has started to beg for food between meals; I have taught him well.

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