I think the Woman feels bad about the whole steak thing. As she should. She says she was just so ticked off that she dropped it that she didn't even think about giving it to me and Buddah. And she's too wussy to rinse stuff like that off and eat it. Supposedly sometime this week we're going to have Tri-tip and we'll get some. I'll believe that when I see it.

OK...are you ready for the very first Psychokitty Sooper Dooper Auction??? It starts as soon as I can get the page up and runs for a whole week. There's lots of goodies in this auction, including something for your favorite People. All the money we get from this will be combined with money from the pre-sales of WATK for donation. I swear, I will not take it and run out and buy kitty crack and shrimp and Stinky Goodness. Well, maybe... Ack, no, I will not. I'll just guilt the Woman into getting those things for me.

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