Ohyeah. If you read the Woman's blog you know about the Great Steak Incident. She had this wonderful, juicy, beefy, delicious hunk of meat practically in her hands (ok, she had this shiny thingy she was holding it with) and she dropped it! Right there outside the back door. One second she was going to bring it inside, and the next it was on the ground.

And you know what she did then? Do you? Do you???


I don't care if it had dirt on it! It was steak! FILET OF MINIONS!!! I would have eaten it! I would have been perfectly fine with a little dirt here and there, but noooooo she just tossed it into the trash and ate smashed ta-toes and corm for dinner.

What the heck is wrong with this woman? There are kitties starving all over the world! You don't just throw steak away!

I am just so upset, I can barely think straight.

If you ordered a book or two, check your snail mail in a few days. Unless you live across the pond, in which case check in a week or two.

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