We got new boxes today. Not just one, but 3 of them. One great big one, and two smaller ones. Now, I'm happy with one box at a time and can hide in it and play in it and stuff, and I don't need two extra boxes. But Buddah...holy crap, give him 3 boxes and he's Super ADHD Kitty again. He bounces from one box to the next, scrambling and scratching and biting at the cardboard, and it's as if he doesn't know what to do. It's like watching an Animal Planet special: Crackhead Kitties Gone Insane.

He was so unbelieveable that I had to get out of my box and sit on the Woman's comfy chair just to watch him get spastic all over the place. The Woman wanted to know what he was thinking, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't thinking at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure that at the sight of 3 new boxes he sneezed and his little brains fell right out of his head.

He gets going so hard and fast that he runs right into walls...and then he acts like the wall jumped out in front of him and it's not his fault at all.

If I were the People, I'd hide those boxes before going to bed. If they don't, there's either going to be a lot of kitty noise in the middle of the night, or Buddah's head is just going to explode, and there will be a mess to clean up in the morning.

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