It was a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself.

The Woman was so worried about how far I could get my mouth open? Well I showed her! I went into the bathroom when it was still dark, probably a little before 5 this morning, got into the basket in the bathtub, and started singing. Loudly.

She got up and stumbled in, all worried that I might be puking up a lung or something. She flipped the light on, squinted, and asked me if I was ok.

I yawned at her.

A great big, mouth fully open, totally honkin' yawn.

Then I got up, turned around, and plopped down with my back turned towards her. Before she left I looked over my shoulder at her and gave her a "I just so totally flipped you off" look.

Maybe that'll teach her.

Well that, and all the poop.

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Max........I love ya