The People leave my Stinky Goodness container on the counter with a little plastic lid on it, and they expect me to leave it alone? They assume that because I don't have opposable thumbs that I cant get it off?

Well, I taught them a lesson today. They spent all day out of the house, doing God knows what, and I got hungry. I was starving. So I pried the lid off the can, pushed it to the floor, and ate it.

At first they blamed Buddah, until they saw me trying to pry the lid off again.

Wisely, they did not get mad. The Woman said I get points for being clever (I hope that means special treats) and that I would still get dinner tonight. If they had gotten mad, there would have been a toothy death of something of theirs while they slept.

Or poop on something. That's always good for revenge.

Added later: I opened a store with some t-shirts, a mousepad, journal, and other stuffs for the Red Cross thingy. Just in case you want more of my beautiful face for a good cause.

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