Geez, timing...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/06/2019 10:08:00 PM

If you follow me on Facebook (and you can, via Twitter, right there in the right sidebar here --> ) you already know that not long after turning eighteen, I got sick.

Again, I got it from Buddah. Just like I did when he first came to live with us. He got sick, got over it in a couple days, and then I got it...but I did not get over it was easily.

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't horrible. Nausea, not eating, and a royal case of the squirts. If I were much younger, I don't think the people would have worried even a quarter as much as they did. But I'm an old guy, with failing kidneys, and a product of the nausea was not drinking enough and not peeing enough, so Monday I was dragged to the stabby place where I was--surprise--stabbed a couple times.

They stole blood and then pumped me full of water. That was a concession; because of my health history the stabby lady kind of wanted to hospitalize me and put me on an IV, but the Woman straight up told her doing that would literally kill me, so no. That's when they discussed medications and the fluids, and then sent me home to wallow in my extreme upset at having been manhandled.

On the plus side, when Buddah went the stabby lady stuck her finger up his asterisk in an attempt, I think, to find a brain cell or two. She reported that she didn't find anything. I was not surprised.

The drugs and the fluids worked. I started eating and drinking and peeing, and the world celebrated when I had a good poop (really, if you're not on Facebook, you're missing things like this. I POOPED.)

Today I was reminded that I'm all right, because my whims were not catered to the moment I made them, and uneaten food was not immediately replaced with something I might like better. I was even made to wait an hour between requesting lunch and getting it!

So, the people are relieved, but unsettled, because I am 18 and things can go downhill pretty quick at this age. I mean, it did take me several days longer than it took Buddah to recover. The Woman says I've always been that way, but she said it like she hoped that was the only reason and not that it'll be a future pattern.

Eh. I am a delicate flower. I'm fine with that.

So. I'm okay. And working. We're getting close to releasing the first Wick short, and it'll be free. We're also looking for ways to distribute the first Wick book for free without risking major pirating of the manuscript, all while making it easy for people to get. So if you haven't read it, pretty soon you can and it won't cost you a dime.

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I, too am getting up there, and dad knows a thing or two about old guys and kidney issues what with dear old Orbit (22!) and all he went through. Oh, and we love the "up his asterisk"...

When you haven't been pooping and you eventually do, that's a big cause for celebration! I am glad you are feeling better again.

I'm so glad you got through that rough patch, Max, even if it did require some stabbing.

TBTs Mom always said "getting old isn't for sissies"!

We guess we unnerstand that. There are more stabby-place visits, some changes in foods, the indignity of jumping up to places and failing, etc. Focus on the litter box though. The Beins consider that a serious indication of getting ready to go over The Bridge.

Max, we're glad you're OK. We think your whims should be catered to at all times no matter what. We'll tell them: GET WITH THE PROGRAM, PEOPLE.

Yes Max, I saw your FB post, and I rejoiced with, um...I was happy that what you've got going in, is making it's return appearance.

So glad you are feeling better, Max. We are also familiar with getting older and the stabby place. Belated happy 18th!

Laura & the spirit of Taffeta Rose