Want to Win a Book???

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/14/2019 10:53:00 PM

A while back I was sent an advanced reader copy of this book, Max Attacks, written by Kathi Appelt and illustrated by Penelope Dullaghan. It's cute and fun and funny, and you can totally win a copy!

It's aimed at kids in the 4-8 age group, but it really is sweet and you'll want to read it anyway. This Max is a lot like me when I was younger--he'll attack anything. Happily. And anyone who has ever had a cat will totally get it and enjoy the perspective of this book.

It's told in fun prose and the pictures are outstanding, and if you have small kids or grandkids, it will make story time a ton of fun.

Here's how it'll work: leave a comment on this post, and it must have an email address associated with it where I can contact you if you win. No anonymous entries. I'll use a random generator (your number will the order in which your comment appears, absent any anonymous comments) and on Sunday, July 21, at around 8pm Pacific time, I'll pull the winner.

Note: I did not write this, it's not one of my books, just so we're clear about that.

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Comes with an catograph, right? :)

Always excited about new books to share with my grandson

Any cat book has to be a good thing, right?

I admit that I have several children's books at home even though I have no children.

I love kitty stories for story time with my kids. Bearanddoll2010@gmail.com

My 6 year old would love this and it would be perfect for his upcoming birthday!

I know a little 3 year old who loves "meow meows"! Vangoghkab@gmail.com

No grandchildren, but lots of great nieces and nephews!

What a wonderful coinkydink it's named Max...Attacks :) You didn't write it but you totally could have, right ;-) ?

We love you Max!!! The Kitties on Ruth

How can we resist any Max???

Oh yeah, I'm in! But I don't want to post my email here; I have a contact form on my blog.

It sounds like a fun book no matter who is reading it. What is the nest book after the Wick after Dark books? Is it available for nook or epub?

Sounds fun to us!

If I win I’ll read it to my fur baby!

A kitty book...purrfect!

Cool, we could win it and share with the grand nephew and nieces.

Sounds like a fun book.