It's his turn in the spotlight

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/10/2019 01:59:00 PM

Or it will be if I can pull him away from the TV.

Remember a long time ago I mentioned writing a book in which I interview Buddah? Well, it's happening. The next Wick book is with the primary beta reader so I want to switch gears while that one filters its way through the production line, and resume work on a book about the little freak.

I still have the questions people asked before, but am opening this up to more. What do you want to know about Buddah? What's the question you want him to answer the most? Leave your questions in the comments here and I'll make note of them (well, I'll copy and paste into a Word file because I'm lazy like that) and there's a good chance I'll ask him, either directly or as part of a conversation.

We got started a while ago and have had a lot of good conversations; some of it is stuff y'all know already, but in Buddah's words and his view on things.

Legal chit: Submitting a question here gives me permission to use the question, in whole or in part, without attribution (because I suck at that, and also, because I want the conversation to flow), as part of any edition of this book. That means print in paperback, hardback, digital, or any future means on publication. There's no guarantee that every question submitted will be used, though I may use it later in a blog post or future works.

It's about time y'all got to know him a little better, especially since he doesn't blog anymore.

So...whatcha wanna know?

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Buddah, we want to know: how do you cope with Max's fame? Are you jealous of his talent and all the attentions he gets or are you good with it?

Okay Buddah, how much do you really care about Max? Be honest.😊

Buddah, Do you think Max really2 loves & cares for you as a big furry brudder?

Buddah, why do you favor the Man over the Woman? And what makes you so cranky? You were that way even when you were a bitty Buddah, I'll bet.

Why did you call him a pest? Is he really a pest?

Buddah, what is the best thing about being a black cat? And the worst?

dood....which iz best for brekfest lunch dinner & snax

fish.. ore... pole tree N we hope ta cod ewe due knot say ... pole tree ~~~~



Hey Buddah. We would like to know what is your favorite toy to play with? Also, you favorite spot to sleep at? Thanks for the share. Can't wait to see the answers to all the questions.
World of Animals

Buddah, if you could he anywhere you wanted, where would you adventure?

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BP- If I recall correctly, you were pretty sick when you first came around and it affected Max. Do you ever feel bad about that? Also, do you prefer relaxing with nip mice, nip bananas, or nip cigars?

Happy Valentine Day to you Max!

Happy Valentine Day,Max!