If You Comment And It Vanishes...

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/08/2019 08:44:00 AM

Ugh. Technology.
After trying to figure out why one particular person could not seem to comment on my blog or the Woman's blog, we went digging this morning. We dug before, but never found anything odd, but this morning?

Yeah, it seems like a lot of y'all have been caught up in moderation and spam filters. Your comments have been hiding between the 3,087,298 offers of Viagra, Cialis, drugs to make my winky bigger and longer and apparently worthy of making women quiver, and one odd offer to make my clearly luxurious locks smooth and silky and strong enough for someone to grab and hold onto for the ride.

Y'all...I get A LOT of spam and Blogger has been catching 99.9% of it. I did not realize how much. I mean, it's a freakish amount. But it's also--and I cannot figure out why--catching a few of you in its snares and it thinks you're spamming me.

So. We spent a couple hours going through the last 2 years and approved real comments that were snared in moderation, and then changed the moderation time from 5 days to 20. Then we combed through all the spam, found as many legit comments as we could and marked them as Not Spam, so they should be in the comments section now.

If they were older than 2-3 years...yeah, they're probably gone. And I'm sorry. But both filters have been unclogged, and I will make an effort to check them a few times a week to be sure your wonderful thinks aren't caught in an unintended net.

I'm not sure whether to be irritated that so many legit comments were flagged, or impressed by the sheer volume of true spam Blogger catches. But mostly, it's on me for not even thinking to check it more often. If I made a habit of it, the comments would have been found within a day of posting, and I would have had a much easier time finding stuff that was in the middle of the waves of sale pitches aimed right at my tiny, empty junk.

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Max, what a world, huh?!? It's wonderful and crazy at the same time! Thanks for reminding me...I'm off to check my moderation folder....

R commintz go two spam a lot coz oh R speech....guess most haz never hurd a.. trout talk... bee for ;) ☺☺♥♥

Well, Max, you are sure a LOT more popular than WE are. We get about one spam message a month, and never fer that exciting stuff like you get. Dont meow TOO loud, but most of OUR spam is for anti-spam software from AOL...

We don't get spam but our mom sure does. She gets the sex pill and lonely Russian women spam. Nothing real good like Nigerian princes who want to give her money.

And dat spam are not even da ham-flavored kind.