It wasn't me...

Posted by Max | Posted on 8/31/2018 08:15:00 PM

This is what the Woman walked out to at 7:30 this morning.

Buddah managed to hork all over her chair AND he nailed the rug. He's fine; he just throws up a lot.


This is now out.

Third book in the Return of the Wick Chronicles series.

Doods, this one is really good. It picks up a couple months after The Book of Hyrum, when things are being invented and Hyrum's want of his lost wallet gives the Emperor and Drew a chance to test out one of those things--they go back a couple years and follow Hyrum on his walk across the country. Let's just say that journey was not what they expected and you might appreciate Hyrum a little bit more in the end.

So far, you can get it in print [Amazon right now, other online stores to follow] and as an several stores. It's at Amazon [here] and is rolling out to other online books stores. The best way to see if it's at your preferred book seller is to check Books2Read [here]...they'll update available stores as it reaches their distribution channels.


Slowly but surely, all the Wick books will be available in stores that aren't Amazon. The first three, the Wick Chronicles (The Emperor of San Francisco, Ozoo, and Forked) are in distribution as a single volume. Again, look at Books2Read [here] to find the stores it's already in.

We kinda want to do a print version just because the cover is spiffy, but it would wind up being like 830 pages.

Not that we won''ll wind up being like thirty bucks, but that's still cheaper than getting them individually. Mostly, we just want one for ourselves. Your best bet is still getting it as a digital book.

Eventually (like, late next month, maybe) the Wick After Dark duo will go wide as a single ebook. 

Dunno about the last three. Probably someday, but they just came out so it'll be a while. I mean, they'll get released to as many stores as possible, but maybe not in a single volume for a while. And we're not sure if those three are an entire series or if future books will stay in it or if there'll be a new Wick series title.

In any case, we're taking some time off, because the Younger Human is getting married in a couple of weeks and we're distracted.

I think during that time the Woman and I are going to finish watching The Crown on Netflix.


Oh, there's steak in the fridge. Freshly grilled, just for me. I think I'm going to go stare at the Woman until she gives me some.

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I spy the yorker returning to the scene of the crime!

Buddah gets extra points for hitting both chair and rug! Congrats on the book!

Mixed media yak! Outstanding!

WOW! Ours are much smaller and we mostly target the floor. Impressive...