Cripes. Over a Month.

Posted by Max | Posted on 8/22/2018 10:01:00 PM

No idea how I didn't post for over a month. I really thought it was a couple weeks at the most. I suppose I lost track because I was busy taking care of a sick person, but she's mostly better now. But now that she's better I don't have much to do. While I wait on the edits for the newest book I'm dabbling in a bit of poetry again, but there's not much else for an old guy to.

Well, there's this:

We've had the fake fireplace since we moved in, and I don't think I've ever been on top of it. Buddah gets up there a lot; it's one of his favorite places to lounge, but he has a little bit of arthritis in his hips now and jumping up there isn't as easy. The people noticed he was thinking really hard every time he wanted to go up, and a couple times lately he's almost missed.

Since he's a kitty that likes to be up high, and he gets embarrassed easy, the Woman took this cat tree from near the corner of her desk where it rarely got used, and stuck it by the fake fireplace. So of course I had to investigate.

The problem for me now is I don't have an easy time getting down off that tree. The round thing isn't as big as I need it to be, so the Man is going to build a better step so I can use it, too.

Usually he takes over my stuff. This might be fun, taking his.

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Max, it's good the Man will attend to your needs with building a step, but you two really need a whole staircase next to the fake fireplace. In fact, we see that he could build one on each side!

The heck with steps, Max! Have the peeps install an elevator!

Nice that your humans are making it easy for you to get to high places.

Time flies when yer having fun, MOL!

And you wouldnt be the first kitty who discovers that getting down is sometimes harder than getting up...