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Posted by Max | Posted on 7/20/2018 10:37:00 AM

I've had a couple of requests on this lately, so... I present, the Reading Order of the Wick Books:

The Wick Chronicles
The Emperor of San Francisco

Wick After Dark
The Space Between Whens
The Blessings of Saint Wick

Return of the Wick Chronicles
The Whens of Wick
The Book of Hyrum
Jump (end of summer release; title subject to change)


Look at this. LOOK!

Last night I didn't finish my 9pm snack, thinking I would save a little bit for later. The Woman and I were at the desk doing some rewrites and I looked up, and BUDDAH WAS EATING MY FOOD! Worse yet, he hadn't even eaten all of his own! HE HAD FOOD ON THE COUNTER!

Woman, go fix this. Make him stop.

She did not make him stop.


For the most part, the rearranging of things has stopped. Now the people are trying to get things cleaned up, because rearranging everything creates a bigger mess than it cleans up.

Also, they put a new rug in the living room, so Buddah and I are trying to decide who gets to be the first to barf on it. The Man cleaned the other rug that went into the front room, and I made sure I horked on it a day later, because rugs in homes with kitties should never be hork-free. That's like a law. Or something.


We've had the hots here a lot lately, prompting a lot of people-whining. But dang, doods, it's summer, what do they expect?

The Woman just wants to go outside and ride her shiny neon pink bicycle but is too lazy to get up at WTF o'clock to ride before it gets hot. She SAYS that's because it's still dark out when it's not that hot, and she's night blind, but we all know the truth.


I really do think that in a previous life, she was a cat.

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He ate your noms, you get 1st rights of horkage. It's only fair.

"No throw rug nor area rug nor wall-to-wall carpet shall remain unhorked," quoth The Cat Handbook.

"Waves hello!" I just started reading the first Wick book and am looking forward to it.

You go, Buddah! (Sorry, Max, but if you snooze, you lose. That save until later thing only works if you're an only cat.)

We're up to 2 days without a yak event here. Our mom wants to put up a "x days" sign to shame if.

Max, tell the woman to get off her selfish perch and feed you the snack so Buddah has to watch you enjoy as you eat! If not, I and my friends will only buy your books NOT hers!
It would not be so bad if you did not have to watch. That is mean! 😭

The food always seems tastier from another cats bowl. And around here, sometimes it is! When TBT runs out of enough food from an opened can, he opens another, and somehow THAT suddenly seems like the best flavor.

We've ruined so many rugs... It's a feline badge of honor. Why didn't the woman just serve you up some more food??