Who are you?

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/21/2018 01:21:00 PM

I'm Captain Chu Chu

LOL Buddah is Tiny Cakes

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Heh . . . Angel is "The Notorious Snooze" and Gandalf is "Governor Ham". Both are oddly appropriate . . .

Angel is the Notorious Biscuit and Kirby is Doctor Boots!

Rags is Princess Puss
Brat is Tiny Naughty.
Hmm. Fitting.

Ayla is "The Notorious Monkey" and given the way she likes heights, that works,
Iza is "M'Lady Monkey, which we are not quite sure about.
Marley is "Captain Boots, which mostly fits his coloring.


As is they answer to any name...

You are an amazing and dear Captain Chu Chu. Sometimes we all need a little playfulness to keep us from being so serious all the time. :-)

Jameson is Professor Puss Puss and Bentley is Tiny Boots. LOL.

Jameson is Professor Puss and Bentley is Tiny Boots.
Oddly appropriate especially for Jameson.