Let's talk about Buddah....

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/12/2018 04:51:00 PM

Not, like, behind his back or anything. But he doesn't blog anymore and his Facebook page gathers dust, but I know people out there like him. And then I got to thinking, why the hell not write about him? Not even a blog post; he's weird enough there's surely enough material to write a book about him.

So...what do you want to know about Buddah Pest? If you could ask him anything, what would you ask? And keep in mind, your question might make it into a book, and this book might be read by kids, so use some judgment, ok.

Even I have to admit he's a handsome boy
 He's a freak, but he could be a star.

Just leave any questions or things you like to know about Buddah or hear about Buddah in the comments.

This is something we'll probably start working on in 2-3 weeks, and it might take a while. We have 2 books coming soon, the next Wick After Dark Book, titled The Blessings of Saint Wick, and then a novella in The Wick Chronicles Series, tentatively titled The When of Wick.

Here's the good news about people waiting for the next Chronicles book: it *should* be out less than 3 weeks after The Blessings of Saint Wick. They've both been written, and are in the production phases, but because of spoilers, The When of Wick has to come out after. And don't worry if you skipped the After Dark books--you should be able to hop right back in.

But for now...let's write a book about Buddah! It'll be fun!

Comments (17)

Buddha,how do you like living with Max? Is he fun?

How did Buddah join your family? Did the woman REALLY think you needed a brother?

Buddha, are you going to grow into those bat ears someday?
PeeEss: Me likey black cats; we have three!!!

How did you get neglected, Buddah? Max might be the star in the family, but how did your fb page get so neglected while Max babbles... uh, advises other kitties and blogs without you? We think you should hold a sit-in on the computer keys until your talent is recognized and allowed to shine again. Don't you agree, Max?

Buddah, where are my car keys and work I.D.? Nobody else is being helpful.

1) Do you like steak as much as Max, or do you have a different favorite food? 2) What's your favorite hiding place and how long have you hidden there without detection? 3) What does Max smell like?

Max, we come to visit YOU! Our apologies to Buddah, but he's just yer sidekick at best.

What does Buddah get up to when he's not snoozing?

What's your favorite surface to sit on?
Do you sing or dance for food or treats?
Least favorite noise?
Are you a more of a pack animal or solitary creature?
Favorite source of heat?

who is the real psycho kitty? And I, too, would like to know how you got your name...

Buddah, Who were your biological mommy & daddy? where are your brothers & sisters? how did the young human find you?

Have you ever lived anywhere else? How did you come to live with Max?

Buddah, would you like to move in with us? A. We need to have a third black cat and B. you'd get your own blogging day. Run on sentences rule!

Buddah, Why do you have Pest after your name? I mean Buddah Pest. Surely you're not a pest to Max, the Woman or the Man?

What finally cured the creeping crud you had when you first moved in?

Why did you try to kill Max with your cooties?

Ok, let's be honest - NORMAL people (or cats) do NOT become stars. So go for it, Buddah. We think an advice column from your unique purrspective would be lots of fun.