Hello there...

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/07/2018 06:09:00 PM

...Why yes, I am hogging all these toys.

Why do you ask?

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Hi, Max.

It's good to see that there are some toys that Buddah Pest hasn't ripped up. Have fun!

As ya should!

A nice comfy bed and all the toys? Sounds purrfect to me.

I see no reason why you shouldn't have all the toys to yourself. Seniority brings those privileges.

dood...awesum....N just sayin but yur blankitz total lee awesum two !! ♥♥♥

just wanted to make sure you didn't want more toys

What else are toys for?

Dood you can hog anything you want to hog. You are the best ever! ❤

And well you SHOULD!

Why not hog the toys? You are entitled to them! 👍

Derbs and I had our favorites and we didn't mess with each others stuff. So hoard on Max.