Sammy Needs Our Help

Posted by Max | Posted on 12/09/2017 06:50:00 PM

Doods, you all know Sammy, he's been my blogging bud for forever, like almost as long as I can remember. He needs surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his tummy, and all I want for Christmas is for him to get it so that he lives a long time.

There's a GoFundMe page where you can donate a few bucks, and anything helps. Seriously...this year don't send me anything (cause some of you do and I like that BUT...I need this more) and do this instead. And not just for Sammy--think of his brother Miles. What would the world be without Sammy and Miles together???

The goal on the GFM page is $1000 but you doods know that medical stuff always winds up costing more. The closer to $2000, the better.

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Sendin him purrs.

I just gave. I remember when Ocat had to have that done but it wasn't just on his tummy, it was inside. I hope Sammy gets the same care that Ocat did cause it kept him so comfortable for another 7 or 8 months!