It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Posted by Max | Posted on 12/01/2017 06:14:00 PM

...but not Whovimas, not yet. The People have been putting up outside decorations and the Woman decorated the front room, but my Who tree and TARDIS lights has not been put up yet. I've been promised that will happen on Monday most likely, but dang. I usually get it before everything else.

No one expects those decorations to go unmolested. They're more like, how soon with the little black furball send them flying? I'm thinking by tomorrow night.

This dood isn't exactly what I had in mind for Jeff, but hey, it's Christmas and he'd probably want to wear Christmas clothes. Or maybe I'll write another book with Jeff in it and introduce Kringle, his festive little brother.

Kringle gets lit every night.

Fits right in with the Woman.

Oh, come on, you saw those pictures from the boobie walk...

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The Xmas Dragon is AWESOME! We dont decorate until about the 15th, but THAT bad boy could go up earlier if we had one.

Max, Why Buddah Pest has not written anything for months? Is he well?

Max, I have it on the best authority that you will have a fantastic Whovimas this year! Not to worry. Santa thinks you are a very very very good boy.

Max, You've been a very2 good boy this year & Santa knows.
You'll get lots of presents for Whovimas!

Get to work on the decorations Buddah!
I miss Buddah's posts!

Buddah Pest, You last posted in November 2014!!
3 YEARS ago!

We don't decorate for Christmas, because we have twinkle lights up all year 'round in the dining room!

We love that dragon! (Here it would be stolen in about 2 minutes.)

I have to read your book if it has a dragon named Jeff in it. That is cool. I did not know cats could write books. *impressed ears*

The dragon is cute, but mum won't buy something that has to run on a noisy air pump. Mum barely has anything out inside yet either. Which means, nothing I can knock off the shelf.