It's been a month...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/24/2017 11:59:00 AM

Well, not a whole month, clearly, but isn't that what people say when they've had, like, 3 weeks crammed with things? "It's been a month..." Yeah, like that.

First, the cold air blowing thingy died. First it wailed, then it screeched, and then it just stopped. The people called someone to look at it, and he was all Star Trek Bones and said, "It's dead, Jim," which was confusing because there's no one here named Jim, and I totally just made that up.

Buddah hogged the cold air...
But it was dead, and the people had to get a whole new one, which took TWO FREAKING WEEKS so we had the hots around here for a bit. There was a tiny cold air blowing thingy in the living room, which made thing bearable, but the rest of the house sucked big fat hairy donkey balls.

We survived. And a few days ago a couple of people showed up to replace the cold air blowing thingy AND the hot air blowing thingy, which meant Buddah and I had to spend an entire day in a bedroom together, which made me 67 kinds of unhappy. It didn't even help when the Woman decided to be nice and sit in the bedroom with us. She watched TV until something happened and it stopped working, and then she read a book, but that still didn't make me happy about being there.

Let me out.
We have cold air now, that's the main thing.

The other thing that we've been doing...for a while now Amazon has not been carrying the print versions of a lot of my books. We still don't know why. We think there's a beef between them and the distributor, but since we could never get a clear answer, the Woman set about getting, at the very least, the paperback editions of The Wick Chronicles back up with a new distributor.

So, they're back. If you wanted a paperback of any of them, just click on the book cover images in the sidebar.

If you wanted a hardback, it looks like you'll either have to go to another online bookstore (like Barnes & Noble) or get them from the Woman. She still has a few copies.

The other other thing we've been doing is working on the first Wick After Dark book. The editor has it right now, but there are some things the Woman isn't quite satisfied with so she's talking about some rewrites. Our original goal was to have it out near the one year anniversary of The Emperor of San Francisco, but I don't think we're going to meet that, especially since it's in about 3 weeks and there's no cover art or editor's notes.

We want to get this we're going to sit down and comb through the part that isn't sitting quite right with the Woman, and then retool it. *I* think it's fine, but she's all, no, this is funny stuff but it doesn't push the story forward. I want to keep the funny stuff, so there may have been a little growling going on here last night.

Just a little bit. And some hissing.

Just a little.

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must be the heat causing all the growling. heaven knows it makes mom grumpy

Such turmoil, but I have to admit to laughing at your misfortunes, since you wrote about them so cleverly! Now that it's over and life is'll forgive me for laughing? Please?

OMC, that ac ordeal would give us nightmares. Don't you guys live in like Blast Furnace, CA to top it all off? Bet you're glad the guy didn't say, "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not an HVAC guy!" and got it replaced, even if it did take a hundred years.

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Max, I share your ideas. In a long novel, somey levity gives a little break from the tensions going on yet keeps the story going as well. Right now a few good laughs will do great good!

We sympathize with the warms in yer house Max! But aren't you in the place with colder Summers than most places have Winters?

We had OUR cooling/warming thing die in August about 5 years ago. And while WE like warmth, it was more than even WE could enjoy. TBT found a company that sold a reputable brand of coolly/warmy things that could install a new one the next day. It cost some 10% more than waiting a week, but the next day it was "gone money" and we were all comfy again.

We hope the Powers-That-Be settle their disputes and yer book is listed again soon.